Vegetarian Menu

IDR 550.000/Person

You can learn 5 balinese traditional recipes :

  1. Tempe and Tofu Curry Recipes
  2. Gado-gado Recipes
  3. Tempe Manis Recipes
  4. Pergedel Kentang Recipes
  5. Bubuh Injin ( Black Rice Pudding )

Vegetarian – Balinese cookery category Program worth and repair :

Minimum: 2 person

  1. Price : IDR 550.000/Person
  2. Child : IDR 350.000/Person

Price including :

  1. Mineral water
  2. See Our Spice Garden
  3. Balinese Souvenier
  4. Ingridience
  5. Balinese Receipe
  6. FoodzCoffee or Tea
  7. Pick up in Lovina Beach Area

1. Tempe and Tofu Curry Recipes
Tempe and Tofu Curry is combined of some spices it's called ” BASE GENEP ” . Base is spice and Genep is complete. We use Base Genep from more than 14 kinds of spice, between : Aromatic, Ginger, Ginger root, Shallots, Red chili, Salam leafs, Lime, Lemon grass, Onion, Dill, Pepper , Turmeric or Saffron root, Salt, Coriander etc. You can request we have a tendency to add any spice with vegetables. Balinese Curry made up of a number of the vegetables were superb once burned with Bali special spices. Base Genep (Balinese Spices) can sink in and provides special flavor to the curry.

2. Gado-gado Recipes
Gado – Gado with Peanut Sauce, Gado – Gado is boiled vegetables and Tofu, Tempe ( Soy beans fermented ) and Peanut Sauce. Fresh vegetables such as Bean sprouts, Green beans and other vegetables can be added to the type. All vegetables in stewed and provides less ancient spices and additionally Balinese Peanut Sauce. Balinese Peanut Sauce is a few peanut offer any Balinese spice and crushed in an exceedingly special thanks to be like sauce. The Balinese peanut sauce is very nice on serve with fresh vegetables that have been boiled, with a unique Balinese traditional spices will give a different flavor. Special Recipes are going to be given before the beginning of follow, you’ll get it at our place

3. Tempe Manis Recipes
Tempe Manis is Fried Tempe ( soybeans fermented ) add any Balinese spice than put Lemon leaves for aromatic. Simple recipes square measure terribly special, you can certainly try it at home. Get the complete direction and follow with USA in Bali.

4. Pergedel Kentang Recipes
Pergedel Kentang ( Fried Potato ) is Boiled potatoes in the mix with some Balinese spices and eggs then made to very crunchy. Very different from the usual boiled potatoes or fries usually. It's really Balinese taste. Make sure you try our recipes, you will have a special recipe after tried it in Talenan Bali.

5. Bubuh Injin Recipes ( Black Rice Pudding )
Bubuh Injin or ( Black Rice Pudding ) is pudding is bubur ( in Bali we call it Bubuh ), Black rice is Ketan hitam ( in Bali we call Injin ), add sugar and coconut milk.